Welcome to TylerKormann.com, here i wll be putting much of the stuff that I make (mostly video games) so I hope you like it :]

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Month 14

May 1st, 2024

I did not post last month because I got overwhelmed by my personal life, so I forgot.

The game is still not yet ready for playtesting, partaly because of feature creep distracting me from

fully finishing the main gameplay loop. Though thats not to say that there has been no progress on the game.

even though I took some time off to try and make an alarm clock, there has been a fair bit of work done on the game!

for example, I now have the framework done for the saving system done and implamented! I have also decided to delay

the game so that I could release a demo for Steams's Next Fest! So the full game will come out one month after

the end of next years Next Fest, whenever that is. The demo is planed to be the entire game with the only

exeption being that each save file will have a (actuial time is subject to change) 2-hour time limit, not including

menus, after which you will simply be shown a "Demo End" screen and asked to buy the full game.

Month 12

March 1st, 2024

Last month I worked on a lot of infrastructure stuff for the game, so that I make room for more stuff

to be added. It should be ready for playtesting by next month which I am looking forawd to.

Month 11

Febuary 1st, 2024

Last month I started work on the as-of-yet untitled game. I think it has been coming along nicely so far.

Its not quite yet ready to being able to playtest the primaray gameplay loop, though that is mostly

because I havent been working on it that much. The reason for the lack of effort is because my mind

is so not used to putting in effort into something that isn't video games or youtube, that when I try

I become unable to focus. I wonder if anyone is reading this devlog.

My Devlog

Month 10

January 1st, 2024

Happy New Year!! Last month, instead of working on the engine, I attempted the Advent of Code 2023 event.

I only got to day 6 by the end of the month, but that's better than last year! anyway, my overall goal

for this year ot to fully make a game and release it on steam. So if you want to follow development

the source code is public on my Github, where it will always be, even after release. The game will

be sold for $5 at release, which is why the Github repo will not include a complied version of the code.

though you are free to compile it yourself to save the $5 cost. If the game is ever released, it will

be out on January 1st, 2025.

Month 9

December 1st, 2023

This month I worked on the engine some more, it's not yet ready, but it's better to take my time to get the

engine ready, than to rush it and have to scrap it. curently I am working on the basic node that all other

game objects are based on, along with the code infrastucture in the rest of the engine to be able to give

the differents types of nodes their basic functionality.

Month 8

November 7th, 2023

This month's devlog took a little longer because I forgot, as I was focusing on some life stuff that was coming

to a point over halloween. Over the month since the last devlog, I have been working on the game engine a little.

while it has been moving along steadily, but over the next month I need to need to work on getting it to the point

of being able o star work on the main peices of game specific code.

Month 7

October 1st, 2023

Last month I decided to remake my game engine from scratch in a different language. At first I thought

it might be worth a try to make it in rust so thaat I could learn the language, I still have not gotten the compiler to work.

So I have been making the engine in C++, and it has been going well. The latest thing I am working on in the engine

is a Vector2 implamentation as the ones in C== by default, and in SFML, the OpenGL API that I am using, dont work

in the way that I need them too. and in that process, I am learning templates and operator overloading.

Month 6

September 1st, 2023

This has been a long month. First off, I have not completed my goal for a couple of reasons. The first reason being

that my aunt asked for me to make her a program for her work, that prototype took 2 weeks. The other reason was

that I realised that I findd writting code a lot more than the ammount of level design needed to test different

gameplay. Today I decited to pick back up the game engine that I was working on years ago, but now in c++.

I wanted to pick the engine back up because it is a lot of just code that I can just grind out without having

to spend 5 hours at least per session to be able to add anything. I need to be able to work on it for about 20 minutes

at a time as I am curently doing this as a hobby so I dont have all that much time to work on it all at once.

Month 5

August 1st, 2023

At the begining of the month I unshure of what to work on, but I eventuialy decided on a RC car game. I've had

the idea for this game for a long time, as it is a game I have wanted to play since before I got into programing.

The idea for the game is pretty simple, as I am sill unshure of what the game play will be exactly. I know I want

there to be a lot of secret tunnles and passageways in a normal sized world for you to eplore. The issue being

that I am not yet shure on how I am going to incentivise the player to go out and explore, though I will likley

figure that out when I actuialy start throwing random stuff in to see what sticks. I also want to set a goal

for the upcoming month as I think I will need the more clear feedback. The goal for the month of August for me

will be: to get the main gameplay loop figured out, and make some graphics for the game.

Month 4

July 1st, 2023

This month I worked on a game I call "Keyboard Tester Game". The name subtilty hints at the fact it

made to make testing a lot of keyboards at once, a little less boring. Though, today I decited to stop

working on it because I have lost interest, and the code has gotten pretty bad and needs a good rewrite.

Month 3

June 1st, 2023

This month I worked on the game some more. now, the AI has the ability to walk to a random location

within it's range in a loop, I also added a gun, but it's bullets do nothing.

Though it has a cool effect when you shoot a lot of bullets.

Month 2

March 1st, 2023

I starrted this month working on this website, before going to work on a game I am makeing with a friend.

I will talk about it more when it is ready. Right now I am working on figuring out how the AI will work.

Month 1

April 1st, 2023

This is the first entry on my hopefully never-ending daily githup upload streak.

This will be updated every month, so stay tuned if you want to wach me slowly fall into madness.


My Resume

Robotic Game Engine

Robotic is a curently a game libary that I plan on turning into a working game engine.
I started work on this in late January on my school chromebook because I couldn't download
anything to help with makeing games, so I made this to run a html file so there is no
install needed.

Github Link